Contact: +46(0)240-79100

Villa Gladtjärn Hotell och Konferens, Smedjebacken, Sverige

CAMPING Facilities

107  individual campsites 

Private Beach and dock on Lake Barken

Electrical and Water connectivity

Communal Camp Kitchen (Serviced)

Communal Camp Showers and Bathrooms with Hot Water

Access 3 Saunas (1 floating)

Access to all hotel facilities including bar and restaurant

Billiards and games room

Camping in Autmn

* rates can vary by season, duration of stay and requirements

* camping sites not bookable online

please email for further info 

or call 

+46 (0) 240-79100 


Nightly  (incl water & electricity)

Weekly (incl water & electricity)

Monthly (excl water & electricity)

Annually (excl water & electricity)